OPDC update

The plans for the OPDC area continue to advance despite the many problems, not least the funding of the massive infrastructure which will be necessary. It is a concern that often the thinking is not co-ordinated between the various agencies. Transport for London (TfL) recently consulted on the design of two of the proposed Overground stations at Hythe Road and Old Oak Common Lane but these were isolated from the adjoining proposals for the Elizabeth Crossrail line and HS2 station at Old Oak Common Lane. At present there is no funding for the TfL stations and the designs seem unnecessarily  heavy and clumsy.

As an adjunct to this, we have learnt that there are now to be 33 sidings on the site for Crossrail trains. Originally it was hoped that these could either be moved further out of London or built over. It seems neither is now possible so that these sidings will take up a huge area of land which was intended to be built on. How this will affect the housing and general development targets (see our October Newsletter) for OPDC has not been explained yet.
In the meantime the organisers behind the Old Oak Neighbourhood Plan which was rejected by both OPDC and Hammersmith and Fulham Council, has been resubmitted. We shall follow progress with interest.
We are expecting to be involved in a Review Meeting of the OPDC development at the GLA in January, but are awaiting details.  OPDC

Author: Hammersmith Society

Membership secretary