Notable Achievements

A selection of notable Hammersmith Society achievements 


  •  The Society is set up in response to the damage done to Hammersmith by the widening of the A4
  • Stops a six-lane bridge downriver from Hammersmith Bridge
  • Joins the Civic Trust


  • Saving the interior of the Lyric Theatre
  • Saving Bridge Avenue and Angel Walk in 1974, putting forward alternative town centre scheme
  • Putting a brake on the “walkways in the sky” planned for Hammersmith
  • Stops the West Cross route (Inner London Motorway Box)
  • Sets up Hammersmith Study Group
  • Stops dual carriageway in Glenthorne Road


  • Saving Bradmore House on Hammersmith Broadway
  • Tiling from the exterior of old Hammersmith Station reconstructed in the new ticket hall
  • Introduction of the Hammersmith Society Environment Award


  • St Paul’s Green
  • Surface Pedestrian Crossings on Hammersmith Broadway
  • Joint founder of West London River Group


  • First organisation to give awards to the Ark, Hammersmith Bridge Surgery, Maggie’s Centre at Charing Cross Hospital
  • “Greening the A4” – vision for the future of Hammersmith includes tunnelling the Flyover
  • Participated in formulation of London Plan
  • Stopped Holiday Inn in King Street’s plan to add an intrusive extra storey
  • Stopped developer’s scheme to shoehorn an over-intensive housing development into Olympia’s much-needed car park
  • Campaigned against Kingston Branch of Crossrail, which would have robbed Hammersmith of much of its green space with no benefit for residents
  • Campaign to retain public swimming facilities in White City Estate area
  • Creation of Lyric Square with potential for market stalls


  • Civil society at work – some 200 planning application responses sent over 10 years and 20-30 appearances at Public Enquiries
  • Heathrow third runway defeated
  • Stopped the Tram
  • ‘Streetsmart’ street design guide created in collaboration with the Council
  • With an unprecedented coalition of local and national groups, campaigns against the Town Hall redevelopment
  • Participates in development of the Borough’s new Local Development Framework
  • The Society was set up in reaction to the widened A4, and is now promoting a tunnel – the ‘Flyunder’ – instead of the Flyover
  • The Capability Brown Statue