Cycle Superhighway CS9

This controversial topic produced the largest response that we have ever received. Of about 40 responses, only one was in favour!

Your Committee had a follow up meeting with highway engineers from TfL and our Council. Hopefully we were able to help convince them why this scheme is so wrong for Hammersmith.

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New Town Hall Scheme

Hopefully many of you were able to get to the consultations/exhibition on the new scheme.  Reactions from members seemed generally positive.

Remember this was an initial consultation and the design/development team recognised that there was much work to be done to get the scheme up to a planning application.

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Olympia Redevelopment

We also reported in our October Newsletter that new owners had taken over the Olympia Exhibition site. We have now had two consultations on the exciting proposals for this massive site.
The new owners are a German based company YOO, and they have appointed Thomas Heatherwick Studios and SPPARC architecture as their principal architects/designers. Their approach seems to be very positive. The team are anxious to retain all the existing main exhibition venues including the Grand and National Halls. Now that Earl’s Court no longer exists as a venue, Olympia is all the more important and the exhibition market seems buoyant.

Lyric Theatre refurbishment

Now that the Lyric have completed the latest round of expansion and building works, they are looking to overhaul the main auditorium and studio spaces. They have asked us to be involved in consultations which will commence in the New Year. This is obviously important to the Hammersmith Society which played such an important role in saving the theatre from destruction back in the 1970s.

OPDC update

The plans for the OPDC area continue to advance despite the many problems, not least the funding of the massive infrastructure which will be necessary. It is a concern that often the thinking is not co-ordinated between the various agencies. Transport for London (TfL) recently consulted on the design of two of the proposed Overground stations at Hythe Road and Old Oak Common Lane but these were isolated from the adjoining proposals for the Elizabeth Crossrail line and HS2 station at Old Oak Common Lane. At present there is no funding for the TfL stations and the designs seem unnecessarily  heavy and clumsy.

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Local Plan update

We have reported previously on the progress of the Local Plan which is now with the Inspector to make his final report.

In the meantime, the Council have issued their draft Planning Guidance Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which covers much of the nitty gritty detail. Much of this is currently contained in the Development Management Local Plan document, which sits beside the Core Strategy. Once approved the new documents will replace both of these. The new document has been expanded to include some matters which are currently in the Core Strategy or the subject of existing SPDs.

Your Committee will be submitting a response to these proposals by the deadline of Friday 15th December.

If you wish to comment to either us or the Council, more details can be found on the Council website at