Cycle Superhighway CS9

This controversial topic produced the largest response that we have ever received. Of about 40 responses, only one was in favour!

Your Committee had a follow up meeting with highway engineers from TfL and our Council. Hopefully we were able to help convince them why this scheme is so wrong for Hammersmith.

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New Town Hall Scheme

Hopefully many of you were able to get to the consultations/exhibition on the new scheme.  Reactions from members seemed generally positive.

Remember this was an initial consultation and the design/development team recognised that there was much work to be done to get the scheme up to a planning application.

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Triangle Site

For several months we had reported the impending Appeal of the 2015 proposals for the site by the developer Romulus. Just before the public hearing, the Inquiry was postponed by the Inspector ‘for personal reasons’. No new date has so far been offered. In the meantime, the developers and their architects, Allies and Morrison have prepared a new proposal which although very similar in appearance to the Appeal scheme has been reduced in size to overcome some of the principal objections both from the Council and local groups.

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Linford Christie Stadium : Possible venue for QPR ?

QPRMembers of your committee had a preliminary meeting with representatives of QPR and Thames Valley Harriers on 24th April  to hear outline plans for incorporating a new stadium on this site.

QPR and Thames Valley Harriers are exploring the possibility of a partnership that would see a new football stadium and community athletics facility at the Linford Christie Stadium. The idea is still at a very early stage – no plans have yet been published – but QPR and TVH are engaging early with local schools, residents, charities and community groups to listen to their views about the area and whether it could be improved.

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Local Plan : Examination in Public

We have reported on the progress on the new Hammersmith and Fulham Local Plan over the last two years.

The revised Plan incorporating several of our comments and recommendations will now be the subject of this Inquiry by a Government appointed inspector. He will be assessing the soundness of the plan and conformity to planning law including the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the London Plan. The hearings will take place in the Council Chamber of Hammersmith Town Hall over a period of six days, commencing on Tuesday 13th June. Continue reading “Local Plan : Examination in Public”

Riverside Studios

Since the publication of the Newsletter, about 24 members attended conducted tours of the new complex on 25th April.

We were all amazed and truly impressed by the scope of the project and the progress on site towards completion by the middle of next year. They are on course to deliver theatre/TV studio spaces and a cinema with dedicated foyer and screening room, a stunning main foyer and atrium area, restaurant, café brasserie and bakery, community & rehearsal space, local events & entertainment area, plus tenant and admin offices, on time and on budget as they promised. I would suggest to any doubters as to what a great project this is for Hammersmith that they go and see for themselves.
Visits are on a strictly pre-book basis : Contact Guy Hornsby

Hammersmith Bridge

The bridge acts as the visual icon of Hammersmith and the silhouette of one of the towers forms our own logo, for example.

Any of you that have travelled over the bridge over the last few months cannot have failed to notice the problems – either with the decking and surfacing of the carriageway or the queues of single decker buses being marshalled by TfL officials at each end. Discussions between the Council who are responsible for the days to day operation of the bridge and TfL who are responsible for the bus routes using the bridge have been on going for months. Ultimately TfL want to permanently strengthen the bridge to carry double decker buses but there are arguments about how to do this, how long it will take and who picks up the costs.

This bridge was built in 1870 and is Listed Grade 2*. It now carries 20,000 vehicles per day – far more than was ever envisaged. A 7.5tonne temporary weight limit and width restrictions are in place and currently only one single deck bus is allowed on the bridge at any one time. The two authorities now seem to agree that the earliest a scheme of permanent strengthening can commence will be in the second half of next year (2018). This will involve the closure of the bridge for many months.  Visit the Council website

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