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Our detailed consultation responses are usually prepared by the committee but we encourage wider involvement and are pleased when any members wish to participate in their preparation. Below is a selection of the main responses by the Hammersmith Society to the Council’s recent consultations are shown below:

Comments on LBHF Draft Local Plan – Feb 15

Folder : HS.Planning Record.2015

Folder : HS.Planning Record.2014

Folder : HS.Planning Record.2013

Folder : HS.Planning Record.2012

Folder : Previous records: 2011 – 12

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If you wish to comment on planning applications, you may find the following helpful :

Planning applications – the easy way to respond

The Council’s Email Alerts to Planning and Licensing applications are always informative. To never miss a planning application in your area, register with the Council and then search for ‘Email alerts on planning and licensing applications in your area’. You specify the area you are interested in – and it’s as easy as that. In addition to receiving prompt notice of applications you can click through to the application itself, look at the documents and, if it is a small application, click on ‘Make a public comment’ and write your comments in the box provided, then receive a receipt (and your comments) in your email Inbox. If you feel that your concern is of interest to the Hammersmith Society please forward to us. We’ll be glad to respond.

Smaller applications – making a difference

In addition to the larger proposals for development – those which hit the news – our everyday bread-and-butter covers many smaller applications. These might include advertising boards and highways’ proposals, as well as over-ambitious domestic applications or where there is an issue of principle or policy involved. We respond by using the short-cut offered in Planning Alerts mentioned above.


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