H&F Council

Planning and Other Policies

The Hammersmith Society is regularly consulted by the Council, the Mayor of London and by the Government on a variety of policy and practical issues relating to the environment of Hammersmith.

We are also proactive in relation to issues where we think that action should be taken to improve our area.

These include the National Planning Policy Framework, the London Plan, the Borough’s Local Plan (to replace the Core Strategy which in turn replaced the Unitary Development Plan at the end of 2011), supplementary planning documents prepared by the Council, issues resulting from the 2011 Localism Act, our views on major development schemes in Hammersmith, and many other issues which will affect those who live and work in our area.

The following lists principal areas of on-going dialogue with Hammersmith and Fulham Council and other statutory bodies:

  1. We continue to lobby the Council to protect Hammersmith’s unique assets, such as our open spaces, historic riverside, conservation areas and to be mindful of the risks of overly dense and inappropriate development including unsuitable tall buildings in our crowded borough.
  2. We are a consultee in the Council’s process of producing a revised Local Plan to replace the existing Local Development Framework; we have submitted our responses on the Draft Local Plan. We will expect to attend and contribute to the Examination in Public.
  3. We expect to be consulted and closely involved in the development of Supplementary Planning Documents such as for Hammersmith Town Centre.
  4. We have contributed to the Hammersmith and Fulham Commission on Heathrow via a Society representative on the panel, and we expect to similarly contribute to the working of the Hammersmith Residents Working Party on the Town Centre and the Hammersmith and Fulham Commission on Air Quality.
  5. We have regularly contributed to consultations on the London Plan which provides the planning framework for London until 2030. We will be monitoring potential changes when the new Mayor is elected in 2016.
  6. We are monitoring the redevelopment of the White City Opportunity Area (the land to the north of Westfield – Phase 1) and seek to ensure the intensive development is of a human scale and does not swamp its host communities.
  7. We are monitoring the development of the Old Oak and Park Royal Mayoral Development Corporation – OPDC (the land to the east of Park Royal and including the canal and potential Crossrail/HS2 interchange station and Wormwood Scrubs). We will seek to ensure the potentially intensive development is of the highest quality and at a human scale and that Wormwood Scrubs’ protection as Metropolitan Open Land is respected. We are an official consultee of the OPDC.
  8. We believe that if High Speed 2 proceeds, the architectural design of the interchange station between Crossrail and HS2 at Old Oak Common must be of the highest international standard and be fully integrated into the OPDC area.
  9. We will campaign for the best possible local transport network in the OPDC area and for a suitable new station to be built on the West London Line.
  10. We continue to campaign for greater public involvement in the Council’s planning processes.
  11. We continue to review and comment on major development proposals.
  12. We campaign for the restructuring of the Council’s Design Review Panel so that its membership is broadened and its operation is more transparent and representative of local views.
  13. We continue to press for adoption of the A4 tunnel proposals originally proposed by West London Link and which would allow the bulk of Hammersmith to be re-united with its riverside.
  14. We encourage the Council to reduce clutter on our streets and to improve the standard of street design and quality of materials.
  15. We are concerned at the effects that major developments can have on social infrastructure such as the increased demand for local schools, open space, play facilities and medical services, and we urge that these issues are considered in parallel with planning applications for large sites.
  16. We encourage the Council, housing associations and developers to provide housing that will meet the needs and aspirations of the wide range of Hammersmith residents, providing a balanced, mixed community.
  17. We will continue to evaluate and campaign for the registration of Assets of Community Value (under the Localism Act 2011) when we feel that they are under threat. So far we have successfully registered the Anglesea Arms in Wingate Road W6 (June 2014) and have nominated the Walkabout (Palladium) building on Shepherd’s Bush Green in June 2015.
  18. We will continue to work with other London-based amenity groups, particularly the London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies, to ensure that our approach on planning policy is properly informed and, where feasible, consistent with other such groups.
Hammersmith & Fulham Archives and Local History Collection

The Archives and Local History Reading Room is located on the first floor of Hammersmith Library, Shepherd’s Bush Road. Opening hours are Monday and Tuesday, 10.00am – 5.00pm. Access to archive materials must be booked in advance by telephoning  0208 753 3850. Local history material is available on open shelves, without an appointment and is accessible during the Library’s opening hours.

This is an excellent local history and archives collection which is a valuable resource for researching the area, or the history of your street or house. The Hammersmith Society has been active in ensuring the collection has stayed open and continues to work with the Council to find ways to keep the archives collection active and accessible.