Local Civic Honours

The Council are promoting a local ‘honours’ scheme and to nominate someone you have to complete a short form. Nominations must be made by 7th January.
Details on the Council website

Electoral Boundaries

The latest proposals for the changes to parliamentary boundaries seem bizarre.

Of course the existing boundaries are not entirely satisfactory as the Borough is split between two parliamentary boundaries which are not consistent with the original ‘Hammersmith’ and ‘Fulham’ boroughs which were combined in 1968. The new proposals will affect all of us in ‘Hammersmith’ one way or another. For details visit the official website at www.bce2018.org.uk where you can compare the latest (and previous) proposals with the existing boundaries

Our present local MP Andy Slaugher has made a statement under the title Let’s stop Shepherds Bush moving to Brent

Your Committee

16th Dec 2016
Planting Tree in Wormholt Park to commemorate the 90th Birthday of the HM Queen Elizabeth Second
With The mayor and Cllr Harcourt
The tree is a Liriodendron Tulipifera

We were sorry to see Rosemary Pettit step down at the AGM and we wish her well in her role as Lady Mayoress,  but are pleased to welcome Chris Tranchell who was elected. The Committee now consists of Hans Haenlein – President, myself as Chairman, Melanie Whitlock – Vice Chairman, Annabel Clarke – Hon Secretary, Richard Tollemache – Hon Treasurer, Richard Farthing – Membership Secretary, Richard Jackson – Newsletter Editor, Angela Clarke, Richard Winterton, Annabelle May, Julian Hillman, Derrick Wright, Chris Tranchell.

Our next Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday 11 September. Please contact me or any of the Committee if you would like matters to be raised.

12 – 14 Wellesley Avenue

This a small local scheme on the site of the current Nicholas Mee (Aston Martin and Lagonda) garage building but which has caused much heat in the locality.

We have written in support of the objections by the Hammersmith and Fulham Historic Buildings Group and the Brackenbury Residents’ Association. They consider the application design to be unsuitable for the site and the street context, and their letter records their objection and comments on the proposals (see attached). The application details are 2017/02065/FUL Garage site at 12 Wellesley Avenue W6 0UP.

OPDC update

OPDC Local Plan
 This is running approximately a year behind our own Local Plan and the latest consultation incorporating some of the changes proposed during the first consultation in October last year. This round of consultation commenced at the end of June and closes on the 11 September. There are a number of workshops organised by OPDC and I am extremely grateful to Melanie Whitlock and Angela Clarke for sharing the workload on this task in addition to the work which they did on the Council’s Local Plan.
OPDC Planning Applications

Despite objections from us, the Council and most other consultees, the OPDC Committee have continued to approve schemes in Scrubs Lane, the latest being Mitre Bridge which is the site immediately on the left after the canal bridge going north. This involves a 19 storey tower and many of the units are being promoted on the basis of ‘build for rent’. Another scheme with another tall tower is being launched next week for the Nursery Site at the top end of Scrubs Lane. No-one knows at this stage what effect the Grenfell fire will have on the construction of these towers which all involve single escape staircases.

  • Will the rules on Fire Precautions be drastically upgraded ?
  • Will developers want to proceed with such towers ?
  • Will people want to live in them?

We continue to challenge the very high densities proposed in the OPDC area which result in these tall towers. We hope that the latest lowered growth predictions by the GLA for London may enable some reductions.

Hammersmith Town Hall site : King Street Regeneration

We were concerned to learn in the Spring that the development was unlikely to proceed because of differences between the Council and the developers, King Street Developments.

This has now been confirmed and it seems the scheme is completely dead. This is very disappointing in view of the past history and the community effort (Save Our Skyline et al) to get to where we had got. We have repeatedly requested information from the Council as to how they see a new scheme proceeding and how the benefits of the previous scheme can be retained.

In the meantime we have lost our local cinema which has been completely demolished without the prospect of a replacement anytime soon and leaving a large hole opposite the Town Hall.

Triangle Site

For several months we had reported the impending Appeal of the 2015 proposals for the site by the developer Romulus. Just before the public hearing, the Inquiry was postponed by the Inspector ‘for personal reasons’. No new date has so far been offered. In the meantime, the developers and their architects, Allies and Morrison have prepared a new proposal which although very similar in appearance to the Appeal scheme has been reduced in size to overcome some of the principal objections both from the Council and local groups.

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