Counter’s Creek Sewer Consultations

Thames Water are about to announce revised plans for sites they wish to use in the construction of this project, and will be seeking further consultation. If you think your property may be affected, and you would like to comment or just find out more – visit

Thames Water Holds New Drop-in Sessions over Storm Relief Sewer

Seeking further feedback on selection of five preferred sites

Thames Water is holding a new series of public drop-in sessions in January and February after selecting five preferred sites to construct a new storm relief sewer.

The sites are at:

  • Cremorne Wharf Depot, Lots Road, Chelsea
  • Land adjacent to Talgarth Road and Trevanion Road, Hammersmith
  • Maclise Road car park and woodland adjacent to Kensington Olympia Station
  • Holland Villas Road at its junction with Lower Addison Gardens
  • The car park at Tesco Superstore, Shepherd’s Bush Road.

Thames Water says it is inviting residents in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham to give their views on the updated plans to protect properties from the misery of sewer flooding.

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Thames Water – Counters Creek Storm Relief Sewer

Super SewerIt seems that Thames Water are causing quite a storm of their own with their high handed approach to selecting sites for these works. No-one denies the need for this project designed to reduce the risk of properties being flooded by sewage.

My office has been flooded twice and I know from personal experience how awful it is. It must be much worse if it is your home. See what Andy Slaughter has been saying on the subject in his current blog.

Please tell us how you think the Hammersmith Society can assist with this problem.