Telephone Boxes – or Advertisements?

phoneThese are referred to as boxes but are actually big steel slabs with a telephone mounted on one side and an illuminated rolling advertisement display on the other.

They are being promoted and installed by BT and are clearly principally a means of raising revenue while purporting to provide a public service. They are usually mounted across and therefore blocking the footway. We have complained to the Council about these and hope any future applications will be refused. Similar applications for several of these in Putney have recently been refused by Wandsworth Council.


Pocket Park Grants

Do you know of an unloved space in the capital that could be developed into a green oasis providing relief from the hustle and bustle of the city?

The Mayor, Boris Johnson, is calling on volunteers and community groups to apply for grants of up to £20,000 each to help transform London’s unloved spaces into ‘Pocket Parks’ – tennis-court-sized green retreats for local neighbourhoods to enjoy. Nearly sixty parks have already been selected with an offer of funding, but forty more are needed – grants of between £5,000 and £20,000 are available. Applications will close at 5pm on 10 March.

If you have any questions about submitting an application please contact or tel. 020 7239 1286.  More information

Threats to Open Space

There are as far as we know no immediate threats to our Open Spaces in Hammersmith but we always have to be vigilant. For example, Wormwood Scrubs is within the OPDC area and there are anxieties as to what effects all the development may mean for this Metropolitan Open Land. Similarly Little Wormwood Scrubs (on the other side of Scrubs Lane) could be under threat from a re-arrangement of the West London Railway Line. There are of course always issues to do with Parks maintenance which have to fight for funds against other Council spending.

The Hammersmith Society is affiliated to the Open Spaces Society and they have concerns about open spaces in London generally. I would urge members to support their campaign as below:

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Rubbish Collections : Should they be fortnightly?

There is a new Council consultation on a proposal to stop weekly collections:  It’s all about saving money : What do you think?

I live in a house and have space to store rubbish – unwillingly for two weeks – but what if you live in a small flat where storage is a real problem ? Weekly bin collections are surely the least we can expect in a civilised community.

Please go to the consultation

Tree Pits

For two if not three of the last AGMs we have given a Wooden Spoon to the Council for their lack of a policy on street tree pits – that is the area around the base of the tree in the footpath. We have shown that there is no consistency of treatment which varies from just earth, to hoggin, to black tarmac to various forms of ‘bound gravel’. This is despite the formation of a StreetSmart guide adopted by the Council about 10 years ago after much exhortation by the Hammersmith Society. Lots of Borough’s deal with this problem successfully. It is a difficult problem as trees have to receive water, their roots go all over the place and dogs do nasty things on them.

As a result of our campaign, Harry Phibbs has been particularly tenacious in trying to get answers from Council Officers : They have recently come up with a new product – another form of permeable bound gravel which is being trailed at the moment around the Brackenbury area and Kings Street/St Peter’s Square – see illustration.

What do you think? Looks smart – will it last?


An alternative approach – not necessarily suitable for all locations – or certainly busy ones – is the personalised planted approach. I understand this is being trailed in Fulham (I am afraid the photo is from another Borough – but the principle is the same).

What do you think? Please contact Harry Phibbs or the Highways Department with your views.