OPDC update

The plans for the OPDC area continue to advance despite the many problems, not least the funding of the massive infrastructure which will be necessary. It is a concern that often the thinking is not co-ordinated between the various agencies. Transport for London (TfL) recently consulted on the design of two of the proposed Overground stations at Hythe Road and Old Oak Common Lane but these were isolated from the adjoining proposals for the Elizabeth Crossrail line and HS2 station at Old Oak Common Lane. At present there is no funding for the TfL stations and the designs seem unnecessarily  heavy and clumsy.

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OPDC update

OPDC Local Plan
 This is running approximately a year behind our own Local Plan and the latest consultation incorporating some of the changes proposed during the first consultation in October last year. This round of consultation commenced at the end of June and closes on the 11 September. There are a number of workshops organised by OPDC and I am extremely grateful to Melanie Whitlock and Angela Clarke for sharing the workload on this task in addition to the work which they did on the Council’s Local Plan.
OPDC Planning Applications

Despite objections from us, the Council and most other consultees, the OPDC Committee have continued to approve schemes in Scrubs Lane, the latest being Mitre Bridge which is the site immediately on the left after the canal bridge going north. This involves a 19 storey tower and many of the units are being promoted on the basis of ‘build for rent’. Another scheme with another tall tower is being launched next week for the Nursery Site at the top end of Scrubs Lane. No-one knows at this stage what effect the Grenfell fire will have on the construction of these towers which all involve single escape staircases.

  • Will the rules on Fire Precautions be drastically upgraded ?
  • Will developers want to proceed with such towers ?
  • Will people want to live in them?

We continue to challenge the very high densities proposed in the OPDC area which result in these tall towers. We hope that the latest lowered growth predictions by the GLA for London may enable some reductions.

OPDC – Local Plan Update

Again, we have previously reported on the development of the Local Plan for the Old Oak and Park Royal Development area.

This has to follow the same standard national procedure and consultation timetable as the H and F Local Plan. We commented on the initial plan in some detail and OPDC are due to publish their next stage Plan, which should incorporate and respond to comments made.

Members of your committee will be examining and commenting on the revisions.

Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC)

opdcI have mentioned this in previous updates. The Draft Local Plan is now available for scrutiny and comment. Melanie Whitlock, Angela Clarke and I are very much involved in the extensive consultation and we shall be submitting a Hammersmith Society response by the end of March.

If you wish to review the plans, please visit : opdc.commonplace.is

Please either pass any comments you have to us or send them in independently.

Kensington Gate and OPDC

Kensington Gate: This is a site at the top (north) end of Scrubs Lane and is within the OPDC area and adjacent to the Car Giant site. We have been invited to view proposals which are an advanced pre-application stage. We do not know much of the detail except it involves a tower block of about 25 storeys.

OPDC : (See Newsletter Page 4) Also attached is the Society’s detailed response to the Draft Local Plan for the OPDC area. This involved a lot of analysis and attending copious briefing and discussion meetings. My thanks go to Melanie Whitlock and Angela Clarke for their help and support with this exercise. Our major concerns are spelt out in the Newsletter but if you would like to see what else we had to say, please take a look, although it only really makes sense if read it with the OPDC documents which can be viewed on line. We hope that our comments will help make the overall development a more humane environment for all who will live, work and visit there.

Threats to Open Space

There are as far as we know no immediate threats to our Open Spaces in Hammersmith but we always have to be vigilant. For example, Wormwood Scrubs is within the OPDC area and there are anxieties as to what effects all the development may mean for this Metropolitan Open Land. Similarly Little Wormwood Scrubs (on the other side of Scrubs Lane) could be under threat from a re-arrangement of the West London Railway Line. There are of course always issues to do with Parks maintenance which have to fight for funds against other Council spending.

The Hammersmith Society is affiliated to the Open Spaces Society and they have concerns about open spaces in London generally. I would urge members to support their campaign as below:

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Neighbourhood Planning Event : 2 December

This briefing event took place in the Town Hall and was useful and informative. There were 34 attendees and several presentations explained the principles and showed examples where Neighbourhood Plans had either been implemented or were still going through the process.  Two separate initiatives are being pursued : Henry Peterson advises as follows :

Old Oak Neighbourhood Forum and Plan

Proposals for a neighbourhood plan for the Old Oak area continue to be developed, and the following residents groups and amenity bodies in Ealing and in Hammersmith & Fulham, are involved in current discussions.

  • The Island Site Residents Association (TITRA)
  • Wells House Residents Association
  • Wesley Estate Residents Association
  • Residents of Midland Terrace/Shaftesbury Gardens
  • Residents of the Old Oak Estate
  • Friends of Wormwood Scrubs
  • Brickfield Association of Residents (Eynham Road area)
  • Residents of Woodman Mews

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