Linford Christie Stadium : Possible venue for QPR ?

QPRMembers of your committee had a preliminary meeting with representatives of QPR and Thames Valley Harriers on 24th April  to hear outline plans for incorporating a new stadium on this site.

QPR and Thames Valley Harriers are exploring the possibility of a partnership that would see a new football stadium and community athletics facility at the Linford Christie Stadium. The idea is still at a very early stage – no plans have yet been published – but QPR and TVH are engaging early with local schools, residents, charities and community groups to listen to their views about the area and whether it could be improved.

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Threats to Open Space

There are as far as we know no immediate threats to our Open Spaces in Hammersmith but we always have to be vigilant. For example, Wormwood Scrubs is within the OPDC area and there are anxieties as to what effects all the development may mean for this Metropolitan Open Land. Similarly Little Wormwood Scrubs (on the other side of Scrubs Lane) could be under threat from a re-arrangement of the West London Railway Line. There are of course always issues to do with Parks maintenance which have to fight for funds against other Council spending.

The Hammersmith Society is affiliated to the Open Spaces Society and they have concerns about open spaces in London generally. I would urge members to support their campaign as below:

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