Opening of the Riverside Walk around Queens’ Wharf

Queens WharfFor years the long held ambition for a continuous riverside walk from Chiswick to Putney Bridge has been thwarted by the presence of Queen’s Wharf and Riverside Studios involving a detour along Crisp Road. At last the final section in front of Queen’s Wharf and the new Studios has been completed and opened.


Riverside Studios

Since the publication of the Newsletter, about 24 members attended conducted tours of the new complex on 25th April.

We were all amazed and truly impressed by the scope of the project and the progress on site towards completion by the middle of next year. They are on course to deliver theatre/TV studio spaces and a cinema with dedicated foyer and screening room, a stunning main foyer and atrium area, restaurant, café brasserie and bakery, community & rehearsal space, local events & entertainment area, plus tenant and admin offices, on time and on budget as they promised. I would suggest to any doubters as to what a great project this is for Hammersmith that they go and see for themselves.
Visits are on a strictly pre-book basis : Contact Guy Hornsby

A Draft Arts Strategy for Hammersmith and Fulham

Destination, Creation and inclusion

The Council have published this draft strategy and are seeking comments before the end of January. The report can be accessed here. The Hammersmith Society is currently assembling its response.

Riverside Studios

There were worrying reports in the Evening Standard and local news bulletins before Christmas, suggesting that there were problems with the funding of the fit out of the replacement studios which are due to re-open in 2017.

The Hammersmith Society strongly supports the return of the Studios in its new home and format. You can see the layout of the new premises at

Unfortunately William Burdett-Coutts and Guy Hornsby are both out of the country presently so I have been unable to get their comments : A meeting is being arranged with them on their return. Continue reading “A Draft Arts Strategy for Hammersmith and Fulham”