Triangle Site

For several months we had reported the impending Appeal of the 2015 proposals for the site by the developer Romulus. Just before the public hearing, the Inquiry was postponed by the Inspector ‘for personal reasons’. No new date has so far been offered. In the meantime, the developers and their architects, Allies and Morrison have prepared a new proposal which although very similar in appearance to the Appeal scheme has been reduced in size to overcome some of the principal objections both from the Council and local groups.

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Landmark House

The controversial scheme which has taken up a lot of our time this Spring has now been approved by the Council’s Planning Committee on a 4:2 vote after a long discussion. This is for the revised scheme of 22 storeys reduced from the original 28 storeys.

We were concerned that this scheme which could provide a precedent for taller buildings in the Town Centre should not be approved ahead of the final Town Centre Masterplan. Nevertheless the final scheme by architects Rogers Stirk Harbour for Eastern and Oriental Properties should be a fine building and a credit to Hammersmith.

Local Plan : Examination in Public

We have reported on the progress on the new Hammersmith and Fulham Local Plan over the last two years.

The revised Plan incorporating several of our comments and recommendations will now be the subject of this Inquiry by a Government appointed inspector. He will be assessing the soundness of the plan and conformity to planning law including the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the London Plan. The hearings will take place in the Council Chamber of Hammersmith Town Hall over a period of six days, commencing on Tuesday 13th June. Continue reading “Local Plan : Examination in Public”

Landmark House and Hammersmith Town Centre

I have mentioned Landmark House and of course the Town Centre Masterplanning in previous News Updates.

These two have now been brought into sharp focus with the planning application now submitted for Landmark House. (Click on this link to access the application : Then scroll down through the list of documents : The ‘Design and Access’ files give the best overall view of this very significant scheme : Click the ‘view’ symbol to open specific files).

Your committee have discussed these proposals twice based upon the November exhibition, which was not widely publicised. We also wrote to the Council’s Head of Planning and Development in January and our initial letter of comment is attached. The HamSoc committee are broadly supportive but with concerns re the height. The latest proposals (forming the planning application) differ in certain ways that improve the ground floor arrangements around the lowest of the three blocks but have also added two floors to the highest increasing the overall number of floors from 26 to 28 storeys.

Our Committee will be reviewing and commenting on the latest proposals but we would really appreciate any comment from members on this scheme. Please send any comments to me before our meeting on 20th February. If you also wish to comment directly to the Planning Department, follow the instructions on the website. Closing date for comments to the Council is 28th February.

Town Centre and Masterplanning

Four of your Committee are on the Council’s Hammersmith Residents’ Working Party (Melanie Whitlock, Rosemary Pettit, Richard Winterton and myself)  : We have had three meetings since its inception, which have included a presentation by Transport for London (TfL) on their current thinking for the Flyunder and the Broadway. Mysteriously, they failed to mention the strategic tunnel proposal (from the A4 in Chiswick and A40 at Park Royal to East London) which the Mayor/TfL announced a couple of weeks later and which in our view puts a very different light on their current lukewarm support for the Flyunder project. See below TfL diagram which shows how a long Flyunder would form the first section of their strategic south tunnel . . .TfL-edited-dwgThe main objective of the group is to feed in Residents’ views as to how Hammersmith Town Centre should be developed. Our last meeting involved some brainstorming and in the meantime the Council are looking to appoint a firm of Masterplanners. Watch this space . . .

The Flyunder – Draft Feasibility Report

At a packed meeting at the Town Hall on 12 February the Transport, Environment and Residents Services Select Committee presented the draft Feasibility Report on the Flyunder, and took questions from the audience. The report is clear and well presented and may be read
here (See pp.6-29).

The completed report will be sent to the Mayor in March with a view to enlisting GLA support. There is much still to learn about the implications of a tunnel but a surprise to many – including myself – is that the longer the tunnel, the less traffic is likely to use it (p.14), i.e., a shorter Option 1 tunnel will scoop up more traffic (and be less expensive). The shortest proposed version buries the Flyover only – if it was extended west by a few yards to clear the Town Hall and Furnivall Gardens it would help deliver the environmental and amenity benefits that we seek while not increasing surface traffic.

Hammersmith Residents Working Party

The first meeting of the group of local residents to review proposals for the Town Centre including the Flyunder took place on 3 December.

There are 25 on the panel and the Hammersmith Society Committee is represented by myself, Melanie Whitlock, Rosemary Pettit and Richard Winterton.

The first meeting involved a summary of the group’s terms of reference and what the Council hopes to achieve. The brief is wide ranging and ambitious. Meetings will be held once a month and the outcomes will influence the Local Plan and the Supplementary Planning Document proposed for the Town Centre due to be published in May/June. The next meeting on 21 January will include a briefing by Transport for London (TfL) on their various proposals for the Broadway site including a rumoured threat of 40 storey towers. We understand that the Council will issue progress reports on the Working Party from time to time.