New Town Hall Scheme

Hopefully many of you were able to get to the consultations/exhibition on the new scheme.  Reactions from members seemed generally positive.

Remember this was an initial consultation and the design/development team recognised that there was much work to be done to get the scheme up to a planning application.

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Hammersmith Town Hall site : King Street Regeneration

We were concerned to learn in the Spring that the development was unlikely to proceed because of differences between the Council and the developers, King Street Developments.

This has now been confirmed and it seems the scheme is completely dead. This is very disappointing in view of the past history and the community effort (Save Our Skyline et al) to get to where we had got. We have repeatedly requested information from the Council as to how they see a new scheme proceeding and how the benefits of the previous scheme can be retained.

In the meantime we have lost our local cinema which has been completely demolished without the prospect of a replacement anytime soon and leaving a large hole opposite the Town Hall.

Goodnight and Goodbye . . .


Cineworld in King Street have finally announced the formal closure to make way for the Town Hall Redevelopment Scheme. This will close in Mid. April.

To many of us this will be a sad loss with many family memories. A small replacement cinema complex is promised as part of the later phase of the Town Hall scheme. In the meantime, we will have no local cinema and Riverside Studios is not due to re-open for a couple of years.

Town Hall Regeneration

As I reported in my last News Update, the Cineworld Cinema is due to close imminently and work will start on its demolition. A planning application has now been received by the Council in respect of revised details for the housing and new offices on the west side of Nigel Playfair Avenue. The planning reference number is 2016/00619/VAR. The consultation period is open to 18 April. Your committee will be commenting. Initial indications are that not all the changes are positive unfortunately.

Sad Farewells and New Beginnings

Cineworld as it was

In the next few weeks, you can expect to see the closing of the Cineworld Cinema in King Street. Many have used this for all our years of living in Hammersmith. This will mark the commencement of the Town Hall/King Street Regeneration Project. The revised and generally more popular mixed use scheme was approved back in November 2013. It will be a phased scheme providing replacement offices for the Council where the cinema is now, about 200 new residential units, a new public square with shops, restaurants and a new Curzon cinema. No doubt there will be publicity and more specific information on the programming of the project.  Watch this space!

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What new developments are being considered or progressed?

News in brief . . . .

Triangle Site : The last commercial scheme was refused permission:  A new residential scheme has been submitted but officers are waiting for additional information before the scheme is ‘validated’ and consultations can commence.

Walkabout Site : The developers (Dorsett Hotel) are in the process of setting up consultation on a new scheme prepared by the architects for the hotel conversion and not the perpetrators of the much disliked 16 storey tower.

Cambridge Grove : Former piano and aircraft factory : Currently offices behind Banim Street – to stay as offices. Pre-app. consultations with the developers/architect are on going including a site visit. There are contentious items on the scheme to be resolved.

Savoy Circus : We have written criticising the external appearance of a student hostel scheme (but not the principle) on the site of the former cinema/bingo hall on the corner of Westway/Old Oak Road. It is an important gateway coming into Hammersmith.

Latymer Boat House : We have responded to an application to refurbish and update the 1960s glazed building on the Mall. The plans also involve an extension at the side adjacent to Latymer House which is a Building of Merit. Generally we liked the scheme but have one or two concerns around the location of the extension.

Town Hall Development : It seems that the revised scheme will finally commence on site in the spring with demolition of the Cineworld cinema as the first phase. (There is to be a replacement cinema in due course). Some details are currently being reviewed.